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College Admissions

Welcome to Al-Munawwarah College where we are striving for excellence in Islamic character and education and this has made our College a unique institution for Muslims in Kenya.

Al-Munawwarah College is partnering with International University of Africa to offer higher education in Islamic Studies, Shari’ah and Arabic language as well as Al-Maarifa College & Khartoum International University to offer B.A. in Education (Arabic Language).


Degree Courses:

KCSE mean grade of C+ or Madrasa THANAWY Certificate grade (Very Good).

Diploma Courses:

KCSE mean grade of C (Plain) or Madrasa THANAWY Certificate grade (Very Good).

Certificate Courses:

KCSE mean grade of D+.


Applicants are required to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Fill in the Application Form,
  2. Attach a copy of National ID or VALID passport,
  3. Certified copies of Academic/Professional certificates,
  4. Two recent passport size photographs (white background),
  5. Payment of KSHs 1,000 Admission Fees for Degree & Diploma Courses and KSHs 500 for Certificate Courses.


  1. An official translation of academic records (where formal study is not English)
  2. A student Pass/Study Visa.

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