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Message from the chairman

Majlis Al-Munawarah Trust (MMT) welcomes you to the hub of Islamic knowledge and education in the heart of Mombasa City. Our institution offers Islamic education from kindergarten up to grade 12, and post-secondary Islamic education deeply rooted in morals and Islamic values.

At Al-Munawwarah, you’ll find great learning experience, Quran and Arabic programs, and Islamic environment for growing and learning Islamic ethos and knowledge. Friendly and knowledgeable staff who can respond to your academic needs.

We are set on preserving the Islamic identity of our community in Mombasa and we believe that our goal is only achievable through raising generations of young Muslims who love and follow the way of Allah (subhanahu wa-taala) and His Prophet (sallaAllahu alaihi wasallam).

We aim to empower our students with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them to lead successful lives as Muslims. Furthermore, we provide an advanced and comprehensive academic program that will prepare our students to pursue higher education and be competitive in their careers.

AbdulWahab Mwinyi Ali
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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