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You can leave Al-Munawwarah, but Al-Munawwarah never leaves you.

We encourage young alumni to stay in touch and take advantage of the wide range of resources that the Madrassah and College offers long after graduation.

As you embark on a life of continued learning and exciting new adventures, don’t forget that Al-Munawwarah can connect you with other alumnus and expand your professional network. We also hope to see you at one of our events, either on or off campus, soon!

In addition to special affinity groups, Al-Munawwarah also has a special Facebook Page that lets you keep in touch with friends and share news. Click on our Facebook groups directory and be sure to “like” our page.

By virtue of being an alumni, you are automatically a member of the Al-Munawwarah Alumni Association. We invite you to learn more about MAA and the many ways you can engage with us by volunteering.

As part of Al-Munawwarah’s effort to further strengthen our communications with our alumni , we have established the Al-Munawwarah Alumni Association.
Through this platform we hope to encourage you to communicate with your institution and we will be happy to receive your comments and news.

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To contact Al-Munawwarah Alumni Association, please email, 

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