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Receiving a delegation from the Khartoum International Institute

Receiving a delegation from the Khartoum International Institute

On Thursday, 29th July 2021, MMT Chairman Abdulwahhab M. Ali together with other Committees and our able College Dean Dr. Abdalla M. Abubakar received a delegation from Khartoum International Institute of Arabic Language, headed by Director of KIIAL, Professor Ali Abdalla Al Naim.

During their visit they shared the progress that the College has done and as well as exposing our future plans that we will intend to do. They had a productive discussion on the key areas of mutual cooperation in the transformation of our education system in our College.

They also had an implausible pleasure of touring the institute, including the office of the Principal, administration office where they shared sensitive wisdom and inspiration to us all.

We will continue looking for potential partners as a key process geared towards enhancing our education welfare and the welfare of the society within.

We are grateful for the amazing opportunity and look forward to working more with the Institution.

استقبال وفد من معهد الخرطوم الدولي

في يوم الخميس الموافق 29 يوليو 2021 ، استقبل رئيس المجلس التأسيسي للمنورة الشيخ عبد الوهاب موني علي مع لجان آخرى وعميد الكلية الدكتور عبد الله محمد أبو بكر وفداً من معهد الخرطوم الدولي للغة العربية ، برئاسة مدير معهد الخرطوم الدولي ، البروفيسور علي عبد الله النعيم. خلال زيارتهم ، شاركوا التقدم الذي أحرزته الكلية وكذلك كشف خططنا المستقبلية التي نعتزم القيام بها. لقد أجروا مناقشة مثمرة حول المجالات الرئيسية للتعاون المتبادل في تحويل نظامنا التعليمي في كليتنا.

كان لديهم أيضًا فرصة بالتجول في الكلية، بما في ذلك مكتب العميد والمدير ، وجميع مكاتب الإدارة حيث شاركوا معنا جميعًا في الحكمة الحساسة والإلهام. سنواصل البحث عن شركاء محتملين كعملية رئيسية موجهة نحو تعزيز رفاهية التعليم ورفاهية المجتمع في الداخل.

نحن ممتنون لهذه الفرصة الرائعة ونتطلع إلى المزيد من العمل مع المؤسسة.

Training Course in Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers

Training Course in Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers

Al-Munawwarah College organised training workshop in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers on Thursday, July 29, 2021 AD. It was presented by His Excellency Dr. Al-Siddiq Adam Barakat – Education Consultant from the Khartoum International Institute for the Arabic Language.

The course consisted of raising the competencies of teachers in developing educational performance, and the basic objectives that the teacher should maintain and follow from the beginning of his education until reaching their achievements. The trainer shared with the attendees some paper exercises, and exchanged with them questions and their answers, and this was a way to reach an optimal way to teach the Arabic language in better ways, and in more enjoyable and elaborate ways.

Al-Munawwarah College
where Knowledge ​​meets value

دورة تدريبية في تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها

أقامت كلية المنورة للمعلمين بالكلية دورة تدريبية في تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها وذلك في يوم الخميس الموافق ٢٩ يوليو ٢٠٢١ م، وقدمها سعادة د. الصديق آدم بركات – الخبير من معهد الخرطوم الدولي للغة العربية.
وكانت الدورة عبارة عن رفع كفاءات المعلمين في تطوير الأداء التعليمي، والأهداف الأساسية التي ينبغي على المعلم المحافظة والسير عليها منذ بداية تعليمه وحتى بلوغ الغاية. شارك المدرّب الحضور بعض التمارين الورقية، وتبادل معهم الأسئلة وإجاباتهم، وكان ذلك سبيلاً للوصول إلى طريقة مثلى لتدريس اللغة العربية بوسائل أفضل، وطرق أكثر إمتاعاً وإتقاناً.

– كلية المنورة
حيث يلتقي العلم والقيم







Madrasatul Munawwarah Al-Islamiyya welcomes you to the hub of Islamic knowledge and education in the heart of Mombasa City, Kenya.

Our institution offers Islamic education from kindergarten (Rawdha) up to grade 12 (Thanawy), deeply rooted in morals and Islamic values. (Mode of teaching is Arabic Language).





Arabic Online Classes

Welcome to Al-Munawwarah College.



These courses will be of great interest to professionals who may be conducting business in the Middle East or North Africa and would like to learn the basics of the Arabic language, and to all learners who would like a greater understanding of this fascinating and important world language.

To register for Arabic Online Course; please Click HERE !


Al-Munawwarah Karate club team for once again making us proud!

Congratulations to our own Al-Munawwarah Karate club team for once again making us proud!

Kenya’s Al-Munawwarah Karate Club emerged the best team in the 16th edition of the JKS Cup UAE 2020 Karate Championship after bagging 16 medals in Sharjah, Dubai on Friday.

Al-Munawwarah of Mombasa managed to win 10 gold, four silver and two bronze medals with the only Kenyan girl participant Chena Adi Karanja taking gold in the nine years girls kata event.

Labib Said Mohamed won gold medals in both the senior 30 years men kata and kumite events with Hemed Tawfiq Fernandes getting gold in men 20 years kumite category and took silver in kata event.

In boys 15 years kata and kumite events, the gold medals winner was Omar Feisal Salim.

In the 10 years junior category 5, Abdulrahman Abdallah Hemed won both the kata and kumite events while Amir Faraj Amir achieved the same feat in kata and kumite boys junior category 5.

Awadh Amir Awadh also won gold in kumite and kata boys 10 years junior category 4 events while Awadh Anwar Awadh took gold in boys 10 years junior kata category 3 and took bronze in the kumite event.

Kudos Labib Said and the entire Al-Munawwarah Management team.



ICDL/ECDE Graduation Ceremony

In celebration of the academic achievement of ICDL/ECDE students, Al-Munawwarah College on August 3rd 2019 has set to appreciate this success.

We would like to thank Mukhtar Salim for his presence and honoring the event as Master of Ceremony. We also want to state that we are all most grateful to all the speakers on the stage and to acknowledge our gratitude to Hon. Hon Faki & Hon. Ahmed Nyundo for accepting our invitation & for providing encouragement to our students.

We are all inspired by their great words! We thank you for being with us during the event – it’s been a great pleasure.

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