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Nursery Curriculum

Our curriculum in the nursery level focuses on the following aspects:
i.    Children will learn naturally through play, by experimenting and sharing.
ii.    Children are motivated to speak Arabic language inside and outside the classrooms.
iii.    Children are welcomed daily with Quran reading with their teacher to start the day with Allah’s blessings, Insha’Allah.
iv.    Children are encouraged to perform Salah in groups, to promote brotherhood and friendship.
v.    Children’s curiosity will be entertained with stories from the Quran, Hadith as well as learning about the lives of the Prophet (s) and his/their companions.

The areas of learning and development that shape our early-years curriculum are:
i.    Communication, Arabic Language and Literacy.
ii.    Numeracy.
iii.    Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
iv.    Physical Development.
v.    Creative Development.

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