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Middle and High Curriculum

The authentic, comprehensive, and well-paced curriculum used in Munawwarah was produced and designed by Basaer for Education Consultancy under the sponsorship of AlMuntada Al-Islami Trust. This curriculum was specially designed for Islamic schools in Africa which use Arabic language as their medium of instruction. The curriculum was officially launched in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under the honor of Sheikh Dr. Saleh Bin Humaid, Head of the Supreme Judicial Council in the Kingdom in the presence of several dignitaries. We are one of the first Islamic schools in Kenya to receive complete package of the curriculum and implement it from primary level up to high school (thanawi). The high quality and design of the books, their coverage, in-depth, and clarity make them very suitable and attractive to both our children and teachers. The books used contain plenty of exercises, worksheets, and illustrations to make learning easy and interesting. Each student is provided with a textbook for each subject at an affordable cost which is refundable upon returning the books in their good and usable condition. Subjects at this level include: Qur’aan and Tajweed Hadith (Sayings & Deeds of the Prophet) Tafseer (Exegesis) Seerah (history of the Prophet) Fiqh (Jurisprudence) Tawheed Taarekh (History) Usul al Fiqh (Foundations of Fiqh) Arabic Grammar Faraidh (Inheritance)

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